Square Egg Entertainment is the parent company of Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly known as Phoenix Comicon), Phoenix Fan Fest, Vegas Fan Fusion and is the management firm for Minnesota Fan Fusion.

In operation since 2002, Square Egg Entertainment seeks to create dynamic events geared toward geek and niche cultures that brings joy to its attendees, fosters friendship among those who attend, and provides opportunities for skill development among its participants.

Over the years many talented individuals have added their skills and ideas to help make Phoenix Fan Fusion one of the best-organized pop culture conventions in the country, and one of the top ten in the nation in physical space and attendance.  Phoenix Fan Fusion as the flagship convention has come to encompass many genres all within the fan and geek cultures.  It is an event that brings joy to thousands of people and brings much-needed business to the downtown Phoenix core during the notorious slow summer period.

Square Egg Entertainment Inc continues to expand its lineup of events with the addition of Vegas Fan Fusion and Minnesota Fan Fusion as well as working at developing new concepts and new events both within Arizona and beyond.